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New Pet Passport Control At Calais: First Impressions

September 18, 2015 – 3:05 pm | 59 views

Very impressed with the new Pet Passport Control at Calais (Le Shuttle) as we can now drive the van into a secure garage and they inspect all the animals in the van, so reducing risk of escape, stress to the animals been ‘shuttled’ (sorry couldn’t resist) in and out, and making the whole process a lot quicker.
For those animals bing transported under the TRACES Scheme …

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Smokey Boy Has A Home

Submitted by on March 8, 2009 – 3:27 pm3 Comments | 96 views

A Home At Last

Today I had some FANTASTIC news from Germany; Smokey Boy, our beautiful, slightly handicapped cat now has a permanent home, after nearly 3 months in foster care.

Smokey Boy was one of the cats that we took up to the cat rescue home last summer, where unfortunately he had epileptic fits and then became extremely ill with Bartonella. We eventually brought him back to Almerimar, where Pam and I, with our vet Begona’s help, brought him back to health, with the right medicines, great food and lots of love.

We weren’t however able to do anything for his poor leg, which sustained nerve damage, during his illness, maybe from a bite during a fit. He was left with one of his back legs paralysed low down, and will always drag his paw. However he was loving life and playing well here and in his foster home.

Now it seems he has a new permanent loving home, with, it sounds, a lovely lady, and all worries we had for his future are gone. Below is Martina’s email:

“greetings from Smokey in his new home ! he lives now at a friend of the katzenherzen ! she was foster home for 1 year for Bubu who died in february..afte one year fight to keep him alive…he was one of Gila’s sick cats from 2008 thin…diareha, blood parasits…Bubu’s mum was at the vet …nearly 2 time per month…and she loved him so much….and was soooo sad, when he died…she has 4 other cats…and after some little trouble all became friends with Smokey slowly…Smokey is now Simon and loves to play and to have siestas in her bed..;o) no epilepsy so far !!! :o)
greetings martina”

Enjoy the photos below (I think he looks SOooo happy and healthy!), and to see all my posts about Smokey Boy, please select his name from the Tag Cloud.

Simon In His New Home

Simon In His New Home

Simon In His New Home

Simon In His New Home

Simon In His New Home

Simon In His New Home

This is such good news as because of his problems and the time he spent with us, Smokey Boy has a very special place in our hearts. It is great to know that this loving, gentle animal has a secure and loving future. Don’t you just LOVE a happy ending?

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