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We have been using a couple of GPS Pet Tracker devices with Teo & Tigra for a while now, and am more than happy to recommend them to anybody with an interest (or need) in tracking their pets (Dogs and Large Cats) movement.
At £58 they are good value, not least for their peace of mind, and with £5 from every purchase now donated to the …

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Tommy May Have A Home

Submitted by on May 17, 2009 – 7:23 pm4 Comments | 118 views


A Real Character

Great news from Germany last night; Kerstin thinks that she has found a home for Tommy our FIV positive TomCat. He has settled very well into apartment life with Nicola and Erika and we have started his vaccinations. Now it seems there IS going to be a happy ending for this lovely old boy.

Kerstin has someone interested in him who already has a FIV positive cat of 10 years in a nice apartment with a big balcony. This sounds perfect for Tommy as our vet think he is around 9 years old, and whilst he is very loving and non aggressive, he definitely seems to like peace and quite so will be much happier with a more senior cat friend.

I await more good news on this one, and hope that these latest pictures of Tommy in a home will swing it for him.


A Real Character


A Real Character


A Real Character

I will be so pleased for him if everything works out well, as a few weeks ago I nearly had to make the decision to put him down. Now I think we have found a way for him to have good life maybe for years to come.

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